Joanne Bischmann

Joanne Bischmann, Vice President of Licensing and Special Events, Harley-Davidson

Joanne guides the worldwide Licensing strategy as well as overseeing the planning for Harley-Davidson’s Special Events including the popular Anniversary events. Joanne and her licensing team are responsible for all licensed products which enhance the Harley-Davidson experience for current customers and brings the brand to new customers. The products are distributed through the Harley-Davidson worldwide dealer network and select stores that reach new customers.

Joanne has been with Harley-Davidson for 19 years, and has held various positions within the Marketing organization. She also serves on the Harley-Davidson Museum Advisory Board.

Upon joining the Company in 1990, Joanne served as manager, advertising and promotions, director of marketing and VP of marketing before accepting her current position in 2007.

Prior to joining Harley-Davidson, Joanne was employed in advertising at Hoffman, York and Compton of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Joanne graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder with a Bachelor of Arts degree in communication.

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