Consulting & Speaking


Do you want to rewire your branding process? Improve the value of your intellectual property portfolio? Improve how your innovation teams works collaboratively with marketing, branding and legal? Preparing for an upcoming merger or acquisition? We can help. Brand Rewired is offering brand imagery and business management consulting and advisory services. Processes and deliverables are designed on proven long-standing methods, such as six sigma, and integrate the latest thinking and trends to provide value to your company and accomplish short and long-term goals.


  • Training & Speaking. From a one hour lunch and learn to a half day or full day workshop, we will train and educate your team about the importance of breaking down silos, working in a collaborative team and understanding the continuum from consumers insights, innovation, development, creation of intellectual property, protection of intellectual property and commercialization. In a fun and dynamic session, we will educate your team on important trends, insights, tips and tools to cross train your departments in the important and ever increasing areas of innovation, intellectual property strategy and licensing. We will work with you to customize our program to fit your needs and accomplish your specific objectives.
  • Innovation & Intellectual Property Audit & Recommendations. Working with our strategic valuation and legal partners, we will audit your innovation program and intellectual property portfolio. In our process, we will not only evaluate the current value of your innovation program and intellectual property portfolio, but carefully assess HOW you are creating new intellectual assets and make recommendations for improvements to maximize return on investment. This program is designed to help you identify areas for improved commercialization of your current program and portfolio, as well as improve the long-term process of asset creation to meet strategic objectives.
  • Due Diligence Consulting. If you are preparing for an upcoming merger or acquisition, we can assist in reviewing the innovation program, intellectual property portfolio and forecasted ability to generate valuable intellectual assets of your company or targeted company. With a keen eye on understanding the importance of underlying process and culture to the creation of powerful intellectual assets, we can provide a strategic advantage in evaluating and assessing the short and long-term value of the innovation program and intellectual property portfolio you want to sell or acquire.
  • Intellectual Property Strategy Consulting. From a one-on-one consulting, participating in innovation or brand development meetings, to making recommendations on innovation or brand plans, we can assist you teams in evaluating and improving intellectual property value and strategy when innovating new products and services and creating and building brands and brand components. With a deep understanding of what creates long-term intellectual property value and how to cross the divide of creative into market value, we can assist in maximizing your return on investment.
  • Expert Witness. If you are in need of an expert witness on best practices or common practices in innovation or intellectual property strategy, a detailed CV of the authors is available.
    We work with our clients to develop specific goals, objectives, time frames, deliverables and a budget for each project. We are happy to talk with you by phone for an initial consultation and discuss your needs and how we may be of assistance. We also speak regularly at conferences and would be happy to meet you at a conference regarding your specific needs and how we may be of assistance. We look forward to working with you.