Material Girls Just Want to Have Fun


Madonna, a pop culture icon beginning in the 1980’s has maintained her celebrity by constantly reinventing herself. The Material Girl was one of her first ideations.

Madonna plans to market a line of trendy junior clothing under the brand name “Material Girl” but a company, claiming to sell a “Material Girl” clothing line since 1997, says “NO WAY!”

A quick search of the United States Patent Trademark Website shows that a clothing company registered the mark “Material Girl” for clothing in 1997, but the mark is no longer active because the company did not maintain the mark.

While there is no indication if this is the company in question, it illustrates the importance of maintaining your trademark and brand so that you have the right to exclude others from trading on your good name and reputation. In Brand Rewired we talk about the importance the legal team plans at the beginning of the creative and branding process. Without a strong, protectable trademark, companies are exposed to costly bottom line exposure and expenses.

Best to protect early in the game when the stakes are not quite so high for a material girl!


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