Bananas, the Perfect Fruit

Everyone knows that bananas are the perfect fruit.  Tough, easy to transport, healthy and full of potassium that help prevent “Charlie horses” or cramps in your legs on feet.  Chiquita is the largest importer of bananas and according to a recent New York Times Magazine article Chiquita was the first company to brand a banana by introducing Miss Chiquita in 1944!   Anyone who shops, knows the iconic blue and yellow stickers that distinguish Chiquita bananas.  The company introduced the logo in 1963 and kept the brand fresh and alive.

We know from our research in Brand Rewired that leading companies recognize the importance of maintaining the core brand and building on the equity and reputation.  We also know the importance of connecting with the consumer—especially on the emotional level.   In a very simple way, Chiquita connects with the consumer and extends the iconic trademark in new ways through the power of communication.

Recently, Chiquita set up a Web tool and asked consumers to design a Chiquita banana sticker using the key elements of the logo: an oval shape, blue background with a yellow band on the inside edge of the oval.  The tools are on the company’s website along other interesting facts about the brand and the company’s commitment to social responsibility and sustainability. (

The results are fun and a great example of taking an iconic logo in new directions that connect and engage the consumer and creates the brand value in a creative and fun way.


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